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Assuming that you eat right, train properly, and get enough sleep, there could only two factors limiting your growth; the amount of anabolic, tissue building, and catabolic, tissue destroying, hormones in your blood.

Training causes your muscles to process anabolic hormones. To promote the optimum level of growth, you must learn how long to train before resting and allowing your body to replace the anabolic hormones that have been used up. If you over train, all of the anabolic hormones will be used up and the catabolic hormones will start to dominate. If you under train, you will waste some of the natural anabolic hormones that your body produces.

In the course of learning how to maximize your body's natural supply of anabolic hormones, you will go through some ups and downs. The catch 22 is that even if you do everything right, you will eventually reach a plateau that you cannot break through. The level of growth at which the plateau is reached is predetermined by the amount of anabolic hormones that your body naturally produces. A way to break through the plateau is to raise the level of anabolic hormones in your blood.

Anabolic steroids artificially raise the amount of anabolic hormones in the blood and permit further growth. Unfortunately, as I discuss in The Steroid Bible, anabolic steroids are illegal and can be dangerous if misused.

During the course of my research for The Steroid Bible, I have tried countless ergogenic products. As I have reported in the past, the vast majority of these products were totally worthless or provided minute benefits that could easily be obtained through a proper diet. Most products currently on the market are merely expensive forms of reconstituted food. They may work wonders for malnourished individuals who don't have access to supermarkets, but they are a waste of money for healthy individuals. After all the time and money I have spent researching ergogenic products, I have only been able to find one legal product that produces significant increases in muscle size and strength. It is called Growth Factor-1.

Growth Factor-1 increases the level of anabolic hormones in your blood. This leads to faster recovery times, increased strength, and increased energy. Most importantly, it provides your muscles with the extra fuel they need to blast through plateaus and move on to the next level of growth. Increasing the level of anabolic hormones in your blood enables you to break through your body's natural limitations. It is the key to serious growth and to build a freaky, professional bodybuilder physique.

Growth Factor-1 has allowed me to experience a level of growth that I thought was only possible through the use of steroids. Growth Factor-1 is a legal product on the market that will enable you to build the cartoon like muscle that professional bodybuilders display.

Growth Factor-1 can be used by men and women. However, women should be warned that Growth Factor-1, when combined with weight training, promotes a level of muscle growth that leaves a woman with a physique that most people would describe as masculine. Women interested in simply toning their bodies should not use this product. Growth Factor-1 should only be used by people who are interested in building extraordinarily muscular physiques.

Growth Factor-1 is extremely difficult to obtain. There is a limited supply available. It will be sold on a first come first serve basis. Order now and try Growth Factor-1 risk free. If Growth Factor-1 does not allow you to build an impressive, muscular physique that commands attention and respect, simply return the empty bottle or unused portion within 60 days for a full refund.

A one month supply, of Growth Factor-1 is $69.95. I am so confident that those who try Growth Factor-1 will like it and want more that I am also making a one year supply available in order to keep costs down. A one year supply of Growth Factor-1 is $269.95.This saves you over $400 off of the monthly price. Order now, while supplies last. The shipping charge for U.S. orders is $6.99. The shipping charge for foreign orders is $9.99.

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