You Could Go To The Bathroom And Find Dianabols On The Floor And Syringes For Injecting Anabolic Steroids Stuck In The Ceiling.

"When I was about 14 I was training in a small gym in S. Miami. I couldn't have weighed more than 115lbs. Until on this destiny ridden day came in this guy(G.D.) which to me at the time seemed to have possessed arms the size of T-Rex thighs. I was instantly fixed on every move this guy did while he was in there.

Soon enough I approached him and we started talking about the taboo subject. The only thing I can remember was in a short time my brother and I were sitting on the floor listening intently to everything G. D. had to say. IT looked like something out of a Biblical painting. The wise one sitting on the bench teaching the younger ones. I think back to those days and get fond memories. After about 20 mins. of this I approached G. to the side and asked if he could find me some of these magic pills. He was very hospitable to my request and the next day he was in my house taking me to the pharmacy.

I know what you're thinking, what not making a buck off the little guy? He's not a real bodybuilder! Well, back then you didn't really need a script to get roids', the good ole days... he thought a good starter drug for me would be Maxibolin. After the initial introduction to the more than willing Pharmacist we must have driven at least 15 additional minutes trying to find a suitable place to divvy up our 'loot.' I was so paranoid that a cop would drive by and know what we were doing. Man, they didn't give a horses patooty about that stuff back then. Actually I spoke to a gal that's on the swat team in Colorado and she said that's not really on the top of their list of busts. If there happens to be steroids on the premises when they do there thing, its a bonus but its usually Narcotics they're hot for. Unless you're a big dealer and usually if you are there are narcotics somewhere not too far. Its the greed thing.

Anyway, that first night I took my maxi's my brother saw me taking them and he really laid in on me. 'I'll see you in the Hospital in a couple of weeks you idiot! -or in Jail!' To make a short story shorter, 2 weeks later he started taking Dianabol. When I was out of the Maxi's I went to the injectables. Deca, 100mgs. a week. Joe was the name of the guy that gave me the shot. At G. s house. Man I thought I was going to have a heart attack or something. Sweating to say the least.

My workouts were noticeably more intense, along with pumps that I'd never experienced. I felt I could run thru a wall. I always tried to keep my temper at an even level. Being Cuban not an easy task. And back then the more aggressive you were the more respect you got at the gym. Soon I was kicked out of that gym and went to Brodies Gym. Man that was a haven for the roiders'. Any one of the old school that is from Miami that's reading this has to know of Brodies. You could go into the bathroom and find d-bols in the floor. Syringes stuck on the ceiling tiles. This place was something else. That's where I really began a hard-core gym rat. Fights were a normal occurrence. I remember for a while there were a group of gay members that began training there. it ended off when the members closing the door and kicking the crap outta those poor guys. Jesus, what crazy days.

Anyway, I've continued my bodybuilding with many similar stories. Too many to put down in one shot. But I have experimented with many different types of roids but being careful to never make those high mark dosages that the guys half my size do. I've always relied on heavy training and heavy eating to make a good foundation. This is a chosen lifestyle that is extremely consuming and balance is a good thing to have. I can't say that Ive always practiced that, admitting to splitting to the gym after leaving my dad in the hospital one time for a mild heart attack. Want to talk about regrets that keep in your mind, especially since he's passed away. But that's another story.

I am presently taking a small cycle of GH with some new Deca that this guy kinda put me up with. And some proviron along with this tab which is supposed to be some mix of Tes w/ other stuff. I'm feeling real good on the growth. Man that stuff makes every roid I take seem like drinking water. Its gggreat!!! I have 2 kids now and am a personal trainer. I don't know if I'll ever really get off the stuff but for now I've convinced myself that I need to look the part."

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