He Took Steroids So He Could Score More Girls

"I go to a large school in Southern California, home to many rich families and individuals. Since a lot of the kids on campus come from wealthy homes, money alone is often not enough to make you popular. My roommate Mike needed some time to realize this fact two years ago. His father was a successful businessman and Mike was used to being in the center of attention because he had money. Money made him feel better about himself and especially about the fact that he was short (5"6) and skinny.

In college Mike decided to be a bodybuilder in order to look better and to score girls, who totally did not care for cash because every other kid on campus drove a luxury car and had a platinum Visa in his pocket. After bodybuilding for 8 months, Mike decided to bulk up before the summer and take steroids. He convinced one of his other friends to go down to Mexico and buy some stuff.

Since they really did not know what to buy or where, Mike did a hell lot of research on the internet first. Finally they went to Tijuana and found all that Mike wanted at one of the pharmacies. They bought a bunch of Winstrol and Dianabol and Clomid and headed back.

Mike worked out hard and gained 25 pounds in three months, going from 140 pounds to 165. He seemed to become more secure and outgoing and decided that steroids were a 'good thing'. it was already the month of May and Mike was adamant about getting his weight up to 180pounds before summer break in early July. So there he was planning another trip to Tijuana, this time he decided to buy a supply to last him through the summer, since he was going to spend it away from Southern California.

Mike brought back a bunch of stuff again and on the same night decided to try some Winstrol from the new supply. He had a friend whose mom was a doctor and the kid was in med school at the same university we go to, so he usually asked that kid to shoot him up. This time however the guy was not home so Mike decided to ask me. I refused and Mike went down the hall to ask another guy he knew. The guy did it, and we all headed to the school recreation center together.

In exactly 30 minutes we were standing in the lobby of an emergency room, wondering what the hell happened. What happened was simple - as soon as we got to the gym, Mike started hyperventilating and fainted, so we immediately drove him to the hospital. The doc on duty had no idea about steroids so he just proceeded as if Mike OD'd and asked us what exactly did he take. Mike was ok a few hours later, apparently he was allergic to the steroid, which was somehow different from generic Winstrol.

Mike's parents found out about this s--t and made him go to a psychiatrist, an addiction counselor and some other crazy people. Plus they forced him to transfer to a school closer to home. Mike stopped working out all together and became fat. The thing is, steroids are just like any drug or medicine - if you don't know where to buy them, when to use them and how much, simply don't use them. Otherwise you might end up at the hospital instead of the gym.

-J. in Southern California"

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