I Started Taking Anabolic Steroid To Bulk Up For Football

"I am currently 18 years old. I played football all my life and have been lifting weights since I was twelve years old. My dad was a personal trainer and my uncle played football in college at a Division 1 school. Now i'm playing football at a division one school. So basically i figured before i got to football why not bulk up a little and go in with a bang eh? What the heck can it do? So i reasearched and researched and had help from avid steroid users. I wanted to make sure i was getting the right thing before i was injecting this so called 'magic solution' into my body.

I used to think man these guys are crazy. What the heck would someone put in there body and like doing it everyday? The thought was crazy at first. So let's just say this guy i know. Let's call him Bob helped me very much so. So he said here man here is 25 cc's of test take two cc's a week for the first week and then come back to me. I said okay. So i had a good friend of mine giving me the injections.

It was incredible the pump i would get. My strength was shooting up every week and from there on. I was constantly gaining weight and strenght. But the sad thing was is that my diet basically sucked. So later on I got some winstrol to go with that test. Basically the only thing i could say was that my body tottaly changed. It was absolutely crazy. Everywhere i went people were talking about how good i looked and how good i was going to do in football. I was lean and more strong than i have ever been in my entire life.

Steroids can really be an addicting drug in many ways. People have to use them in moderation or they will and i mean they will abuse them and their bodies very much so. I've seen since so many guys that get carried away and are determined to get these high dosages and say they are going to get totally ripped up. You have to have a good diet, cardio, workout and ways of using steroids are very vital. People think you can just take them and boom there you are ripped up and ready to go. But no it doesn't work like that. I've seen it ruin some of my friends in only a years time.

All is that i can say is people do your research carefully, find a reliable source that isn't going to screw you over, and be careful. Make sure everything is good or back off. They are very addicting and you want to continue to use them. But there is one thing i can say is that they only helped me. I didn't get one side effect from test and winny. So Lift heavy and do your work."

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